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Presentations of the 62nd Fitce’s Congress

62nd fitce athens

Below are the presentations of the 62nd FITCE’s International Congress titled

“Services and Infrastructures towards a smart society”

Thursday September 28 Session 

Alexandros Kaloxylos FITCE- 6G Vision in Europe – Kaloxylos

Georgia Bafoutsou-Threats and Measures for Telecoms

Georgia Bafoutsou-Threats and Measuresfor Telecoms


Thursday September 28 Session IΙ

Andrea Penza_Fitce Broadband in Italy for for Athens 2023

AVM – Mehran Reuter Presentation 2023

Jiri Novak_FITCE Micos PLP

Katsoulis Aviat Mortek v5 27092023

Manos Dialynas_Accenture


Thursday September 28 Session IΙI

Athanasios Kanatas_6G_Presenation_Final

Kyros Rizoulis_5G Campus Networks Solutions & Opportunities 62th FITCE Congress 28-9-23

Manolis Grigorakis NOVA

Michalis Sidiropoulos FITCE_Intracom_28sep2023

Spilios Georgakopoulos FITCE_Private Networks & Edge_5G Ecosystem Success Factors_Accenture


Thursday 28 September Parallel

Addressing the technical skills gap through the GMIoT

Hellenic Mediterannean University – Trends in ICT workforce

Introduction Maria Rita

ITS ACADEMY – Technology areas and skills in the ITS Academy


September 29 Session I.

Metaverse and its integration with IoT verticals Giannis Markopoulos NOVA

Industrial IoT for a secure & reliable Digital Manufacturing world Charalampos Gkevrekis Bewise

LoRaWAN for Gas Metering George Stefanidis IoTech

5G and IoT, Accelerating Digital & Transforming Life 62th Georgios Onopas COSMOTE



September 29 Session II

AI in Telecommunications Customer Service and Operations Management Andy Valdar

Leveraging AI and Cutting Edge Research Enhancing Networks through Innovative practices Emmanouil Kafetzakis


AI Powered Network Management From Energy Savings to Proactive Customer Care Panagiotis Fotiadis Intracom Telecom


September 29 Parallel session

Assessing the economic viability of data intermediation services as defined in the DGA Verstraete, Fierens, Verbrugge & Colle

Dimitrios Kolokotronis TECHNO

An effective combination of Telecoms and Drones Koromantzos dionysios

Sustainability and Circular for Telecom Operators Kurt DE LANGE Proximus